About Us

About us

Glasgow Orthodontics is one of Scotland’s most prestigious orthodontic practices. We have been in existence for over twenty years and have sought to distinguish ourselves from other orthodontic practices by providing a patient and family friendly practice where standards of patient care and good communication are paramount.

We are very much a team of specialists providing specialist orthodontic treatment. We take a great deal of pride in our work in achieving the best that we can for our patients and very much rely on their recommendation to encourage others to visit us.

Orthodontic Treatment for all ages

Patients are normally referred to us at about nine years of age for an initial assessment. We can pick up some developing problems and advise you accordingly but treatment does not usually start until the patient is about twelve years of age or when all the adult teeth have erupted. It is now quite common to find adults seeking advice and treatment to improve the appearance, health and function of their teeth.

Private and NHS Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment has both cosmetic and dental health benefits. Unfortunately the NHS will no longer fund treatment where the cosmetic benefits are greater than the dental health benefits. We can give you clear guidance in this respect at the initial consultation. Sometimes the dental health benefits are not that obvious.

If you are declined NHS treatment for cosmetic treatment, we can offer you very reasonable rates and an easy payment plan.

Private treatment can also be undertaken with a wide range of aesthetic and invisible braces. New techniques and advances in technology have transformed orthodontic treatment. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it now is.

Our promise :

  • All patients are under the care of a specialist orthodontist

  • Treated in a patient and family friendly environment

  • Treated in a safe and healthy environment

  • Looked after by caring and understanding staff

  • We will always endeavor to communicate with you clearly, fully and in terms that you will understand

  • No waiting list. You will be seen within four to six weeks from referral

  • Easy access with excellent communication links to all parts of the city

  • Excellent working relationship with your own dentist and other relevant health care professionals

Need advice

If you are a patient, a parent, adult or prospective patient and would like advice, please give us a call. Our number is: 0141 243 2636. One of our highly trained receptionists will be happy to advise you. We would prefer it if patients were referred by their own dentist but we can make an exception to this rule for private patients on the understanding that we may need to communicate with your dentist at a later date. You may prefer to click here to complete an online appointment request. We will then arrange an assessment appointment for you to discuss your teeth with one of specialist orthodontists.