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As a part of the Portman Dental Group, we have a number of first-rate articles on the Portman Group website. 

    Our patient journey

    We understand that things may feel different to your usual experience of a dental visit, so here is some information on how your new visit will look and feel.

      Taking photos for your appointment

      To help your clinician have the clearest view possible of your teeth and smile, you may be asked to share photos ahead of your appointment.

        IOTN explained

        The ‘Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need’, commonly referred to as ‘IOTN’ is used to determine whether orthodontic treatment is necessary.

          How your teeth develop

          Our teeth go through several significant changes throughout our lives, but how do they start and what happens after that? Learn more about teeth development.

            Our guide to dental floss

            It’s important you clean the hard to see or reach parts of your teeth as well. Learn how to do this with our guide.

              Dental myths 

              We have put together a list of the common dental hygiene myths and why you shouldn't follow them

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