Clear fixed braces in Glasgow

At Glagsow Orthodontics we use Symetri Clear Ceramic brackets made by Ormco to straighten teeth discreetly. These braces are fixed to your teeth but the brackets and bands are clear so much less visible then conventional metal bracket braces.

Orthodontic treatments that are discreet, yet effective and are growing in popularity. This enables our patients to have the treatment they desire without compromising on their appearance.

What Is A Ceramic Braces

What are clear braces?

Unlike traditional metal braces, our clear braces systems use ceramic brackets which are blended to your natural teeth.  

These fixed appliances are not just an incredibly strong brace which will provide you with beautifully straight teeth, but they also match your teeth to appear much more discrete than traditional metal braces. 

    Why would I want to have clear braces?

    • The colour matching technology means that the ceramic brackets blend in perfectly with your teeth, straightening them in a very discrete fashion 
    • They are small so take up less room in your mouth for maximum comfort  
    • They have no sharp corners, so they will not scratch against your cheeks  
    • Symetri braces have incredibly strong brackets which are much more durable and effective than metal brackets
    • They are safer than most ceramic braces as they use a mesh on the base and do not damage the enamel surface of the tooth

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