Clear Aligner Braces

Clear Aligner Braces

For certain orthodontic conditions we can use Clear Aligner braces. We most often use them for simple cases or along side fixed brace treatment. As the name suggests, is a virtually invisible way to treat simple misalignment of the teeth, as the alingers or trays are clear.

This clever system features a series of clear, custom-made aligners, which gradually move crooked teeth to a more pleasing position.

However this type of brace is not suitable for complex cases, it can achieve great results if only a few of your teeth are out of place and you have only mild bite related problems.

Low visibility

Thanks to its hardly visible appearance, clear alingers can be suitable for adults and older teens who feel self-conscious about wearing fixed braces.

The aligners can also:

  • Be taken out for teeth cleaning and eating

  • For those special occasions when you want to look your best (but make sure you pop them straight back in afterwards!).