Private Treatment

Private Treatment

Private Care for Adults

Adult orthodontic treatment has gained popularity with the advent of discreet aesthetic braces, invisible braces and advanced materials which makes the whole process much more appealing. The input is significant but the rewards are immeasurable.

Private Care for the under 19’s

Under 19’s also qualify for private treatment. The reasons might be to minimize the disruption at school and to help with self esteem. Or, you might be looking for something better? We would be happy to discuss your wishes.

Cost of Private Orthodontic Treatment

In your report you will receive a full treatment cost. The cost will vary according to the difficulty, the likely treatment duration, the need for braces in one or both dental arches and the possible need to close extraction spaces or open spaces for implants or bridges. We also offer an easy payment plan to spread the cost of your treatment. The full cost of treatment has to be met before the braces are removed.

Types of braces available privately

Please click below for details about these different types of braces that are available privately :